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Express Printing and Binding of Dissertation or Thesis at diploma services Munich

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When a dissertation is written you need a partner who deals with the printing and binding in a reliable, cost-efficient and the quickest possible way. There you are! Already in 2007 diploma services focussed first in Munich on printing and binding of dissertations, so now we can stand at your side with the experience resulting from over 35.000 produced copies.

Printing your Dissertation in Highest Quality

Because you learned a lot for your dissertation and spent much time on it, we take care of visualizing these efforts already on the outside of your dissertation.
Printing and binding is done in premium quality, even down to standard paper.


Prints are produced on high-quality printers from Konica Minolta in a resolution of 1.200 x 1.200 dpi using polymerized toner. This guarantees a maximum of accuracy and brightness.
All prints, no matter if b/w or coloured, are produced on the same printing system, so the print images are highly homogeneous.


All offered papers are bright white and smooth structured to ensure detailed, clean and intensive prints.


Bindings are always offered in the most stable way, e.g. soft- and hardcovers have a steel rail in their spine and spirals are not drawn in but fixed in each punch. All foils and paperboards are of the highest possible strength.
Besides we offer a wide range of colours and designs for binding as well as many options of individualizing your dissertation.
More detailed information on quality and all options for printing and binding of your dissertation can be found at the choice of products.

Preparative Means for Printing and Binding your Dissertation

In order to consider and adjust the fabrication cost of your dissertation, diploma services provides you already online with diverse auxiliary means:

Colour Pages Check

Important for cost calculation is of course the portion of coloured pages in your work. In order to identify it already in advance, you can access our filecheck, it determines portion and page numbers of prints being counted coloured by our production systems.

Hardcover Configurator

The wrapper of a hardcover is embossable. All available options can be visualized in the 3D hardcover configuration. The positioning of your favoured text can also be probed with the schematic hardcover configuration and a photo gallery is available at the graphic hardcover configuration.

screenshot hardcover configuration

Pdf Converter

In case your dissertation doesn't exist in the file format .pdf needed for ordering and printing yet, you have the option of converting every file format into a pdf-file. All you need is a PC and this download.

Guidebook Printing & Binding

Our guidebook answers frequent practical questions on printing dissertations.

Cost of Printing and Binding of your Dissertation

Our costs are trans­parent: As one of very few suppliers in Munich and also online we provide a really simple price list. You can discover all arising expenses without having to transmit a calcalation, a contact formular or even your template file.
For those who like program codes more than pocket calculators: We provide a cost calculator with all options available for printing and binding of dissertations. All quantity discounts are taken into account and the costs are clearly arranged in single specifications.

Having the Printing and Binding of your Dissertation Done Easily Online

Alternatively to the local assignment in Munich all options for printing and binding are also available online.
In our online-shop you have the same range, cost and duration of two hours. The delivery in Munich is also possible.
In case you need assistance in handling the online-shop, you find the most important basics at our shop guide.

Delivery via Courier in Munich or via DHL

Alternatively to pickup by yourself you also have the opportunity of getting your dissertation delivered to your front door.
Urgent orders can be delivered via courier within Munich, less urgent ones and adresses outside of Munich can be shipped standard or express per DHL.
( Update: Currently we dropped DHLExpress, because the deadline was preponed from 6 to 1:30 p.m., this perverts any use of express delivery. )
We guarantee same-day-dispatch for all orders placed before 12 a.m.

This website deals with printing and binding of academic graduation papers. Courseworks, seminar papers, project works, term papers a.s. can be executed by our service at Copyshop Munich.

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