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How to converte a template file into the format .pdf

Problems with converting

Since dissertations are always written in word processing programs, the result exists as an 'open' file format at first. When open file formats are transfered to other platforms, often layout modifications cause trouble, even in case of just changing the program version. The reason for this are non-transferable settings such as margins, paginations or graphics positioning.

Solution: pdf-files

The 'portable document format' avoids these problems: A pdf-file looks identically on every computer. The file you watch on your local monitor will look exactly the same printed anywhere.

Basically every file format can be converted into a pdf document, you just need an appropriate program. The Adobe Acrobat offers this functionality, many programs already contain a pdf converter, but you can also resort to freeware.
If you're not able to read pdf-files, you need the Adobe Reader.

Important: Before converting takes place, make sure that a paper size of DIN A4 is chosen, that b/w pages are also saved that way, that a resolution of 300, better 600 dpi is preset and that utilized fonts are embedded. Since conversion software usually acts as a printer, the same problems as in transfering to other platforms can appear, so monitor displays of original and created document don't have to be the same. Therefore please check the created file thoroughly in terms of correct layout. Pdf files can not be modified, so there's no way of correcting layout afterwards.

Free tool PDF24 Creator

PDF24 Creator
Exemplified for many applications, here the software PDF24 Creator is offered for download.
It is installed on your system as printer named 'PDF24'. Now if you want to create a pdf out of your template file, choose menu item 'Print' in the original application and subsequently printer 'PDF24'. Just as in normal printing, adjustment can be done at printer properties.
PDF24 Creator works on every current PC.

Editing and assembling pdf-files

PDF24 Creator proves very helpful when it comes to handling already existing pdf files. The program enables for example assembling of several pdf files, eliminating or adding single pages as well as splitting a pdf file.
Guidance concerning these and other features are provided by the producer.