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Ordering locally in Munich

In case you don't want to order online, your order can also be placed in our store in Munich.
At Fraunhofer­straße 14, directly
next to underground exit 'Klenze­straße'
, you find our store with qualified manpower as well as many samples of paper, prints and bindings.
A Deutsche Post office is just a few steps away.

At the store an order form is completed, so that you can check all relevant data and options before ordering. All you need is your template file saved as .pdf on a USB stick. Please assure yourself page by page that no conversion errors occured at saving, subsequent modifications are not possible.

From the point in time the order is placed, fabrication takes two hours, off- as well as online. This statement is subjected to no restrictions whatsoever, it applies to every specification and is guaranteed.

We're looking forward to your visit.

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